Thomas Brown

Thomas Brown

Bachelor of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Adelaide
B.A. in Economics, Politics and International Relations, University of Adelaide

Australia | Harvard Kennedy School, Master of Administration, International Development 

Thomas is passionate about addressing the serious health and educational inequalities that exist for young children globally. He spent four years in Indonesia working on a range of health and education programs as a research analyst with the World Bank and the manager of a grassroots NGO. At Harvard Kennedy School he intends to deepen his knowledge of economics and policy-making in developing countries to find innovative solutions to complex human capital challenges. 

Ryan Carters

Ryan Carters

B.A. in Economics and Politics, University of Sydney

Australia | Harvard Kennedy School, Master of Public Policy

Ryan is a former professional cricket player and founder of the charity Batting for Change, which focuses on alleviating poverty and gender discrimination in developing, cricket-playing nations by supporting access to higher education. He has worked as a consultant to state and federal governments on education and innovation policy in Australia. At Harvard, Ryan’s study will focus on policy responses to confront rising economic inequality and persistent gender inequality. He hopes to contribute to improved social and economic policy for a more inclusive and productive society.


Justin Cawley

Bachelor of Design in Architecture (Honours), University of Sydney
Master of Architecture, University of Sydney

Australia | Graduate School of Design, Master of Architecture in Urban Design

Justin will examine the changing role of museums in contemporary urban development. He is interested in understanding how the recent use of museums to stimulate economic growth and private development is transforming these public buildings and their cities. Inspired by the proposed relocation of Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum, Justin will study the relationships between urban design, policy, property and private investment to better understand the local impact of this move as well as its relationship to global political and economic trends. A core aim of Justin’s work is to understand the architecture profession’s changing role in this context, and to develop new forms of professional practice that can address the complex issues surrounding the design and management of urban development and public space in modern cities.

Kat France

Katherine France

J.D., University of Melbourne
B.A. in Communication (Media Arts and Production), University of Technology Sydney

Australia | Harvard Law School, LL.M. 

Kat is an Australian litigator with experience in private practice and as an Associate at the High Court of Australia. At Harvard, Kat's studies will focus on health law and policy, civil rights, and sexuality, gender identity and the law. Kat is interested in the intersection between health and the law and its impact on the LGBTQI community.

A. Grantham

Amy Grantham

B.A. in Asian Studies, University of Melbourne

Australia | Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, M.A. in Regional Studies of East Asia (Korea)

Amy’s academic focus lies in the promotion of cultural industries and soft power as an arm of state-led diplomatic strategy. Her work focuses primarily on modern South Korea’s bi- and multilateral relations with Europe, East Asia, and the United States, with particular focus on the employment of hallyu figures in political forums. Amy supplements her coursework with community engagement and ongoing language training in Korean and Italian, and looks forward to continuing her research through a PhD after completing her Masters degree at Harvard.

Aden David Knaap

Aden David Knaap

B.A. (First Class Honours) in History, University of Sydney
LL.B., Sydney Law School

Australia | Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Department of History, Ph.D. in History

Aden specializes in global and international history, with a focus on nineteenth- and twentieth-century intellectual, political and legal history. He is fascinated by cosmopolites and internationalists, theorists and pragmatists, and the varied ways in which they conceived of the world in bygone eras. His time at Harvard will expose him to new historical fields and methodologies, while training him for a career in academia. 

Matthew  Lilley

Matthew Lilley

B. Econ. (Honours), The University of Sydney

Australia | Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Ph.D. in Business Economics

Matthew Lilley received a B. Economics (Honours) from the University of Sydney in 2012. He worked in the Research Department at the Reserve Bank of Australia, and then as a research assistant for Economics faculty at the University of Sydney and University of New South Wales. His main interests are in empirical microeconomics, including behavioral and development economics, and political economy.

Kevin Liu

Kevin Liu

Master of Architecture, University of Sydney
Bachelor of Design in Architecture, University of Sydney

Australia | Graduate School of Design, Master in Design Studies 

Kevin is an architect interested in the development of born-digital architectural collections and how they will inform and affect architectural practice in the future. His focus on history will allow him to explore the variety and scope of existing architectural collections and archives abroad—as well as explore ways in which a specialised architectural collection and museum can be established for Sydney. 

Tai Mitsuji

Tai Mitsuji

M.St. in History of Art and Visual Culture (Distinction), University of Oxford
B.A. in Art History (1st Class Honors), University of Sydney

Australia | Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Ph.D. in History of Art

Tai Mitsuji is a writer and art historian who is interested in disrupting the thematic and temporal modularity of art history. Rather than being pinned to a single era, his work seeks to track ideas across both time and culture – drawing a line, for instance, between the salons of 19th century France and the windows of department stores today. Alongside his academic pursuits, he works as an art critic publishing in a variety of prominent international and domestic publications, and was formerly the Deputy Chairperson of Runway Journal. Through this work, Mitsuji has continually sought to represent diverse perspectives and detail the various cultural contours of Australian and global communities.