Laurence B-Violette

Laurence B-Violette

B.A. (Honours) in Linguistics, Concordia University

Canada | Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Ph.D. in Linguistics

In her studies at Harvard, Laurence focuses on Historical Linguistics, which is the study of the linguistic components of archaic languages, such as their syntactic structure, their morphology and the interface phonology-syntax that patterns them. In her case, languages from the Indo-European family (e.g., Latin, Sanskrit, Ancient Greek, etc.) are investigated and compared. After her studies, she hopes to pursue such interests as a University teacher and researcher in Linguistics.

[Photo credit to Concordia University]

A. Choi

Da In (Ann) Choi

B.A. (Honours) in English Literature & Language and History, Queen's University

Canada | Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, M.A. in Regional Studies of East Asia (Korea)


Ann is excited to pursue historical research using feminist and queer theories to further the understanding of previously unwritten histories of women in Korean history. At Harvard, Ann will investigate the effects of educational policies during the colonial and post-Korean War period on women's self-conceptualization of their (trans) national and personal identities. While expanding her interests and building on her research skills, Ann hopes to further develop her "Korean War Interviews" archive by documenting women's experiences of the war.

Jamie Daw

Jamie Daw

M.Sc. in Population and Public Health, University of British Columbia
B.H.Sc. in Health Science (Honours), McMaster University

Canada | Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Ph.D. in Health Policy

Jamie's doctoral work aims to produce rigorous empirical evidence on how health system organization and financing affect patient access, costs, and health outcomes. She is particularly interested in pharmaceutical policy and women's health issues.

Malcolm Lavoie

Malcolm Lavoie

B.A.(Honours) in Economics, University of British Columbia
M.Sc.(Distinction) in Political Theory, London School of Economics
B.C.L., LL.B., McGill University

LL.M., Harvard Law School

Canada | Harvard Law School, Doctor of Juridical Science

Malcolm Lavoie is a Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.) candidate at Harvard Law School, where the focus of his research is on links between property law and the collective interests of minority cultural groups, including aboriginal societies. 

Mimi Yunqi Liu

Mimi Yunqi Liu

H.B.A. in Economics and Peace, Conflict and Justice, Trinity College, University of Toronto
M.B.A., Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

Canada | Harvard Kennedy School, Master in Public Administration 

At Harvard, Mimi seeks to deepen her understanding of poverty, inequality, and exclusion at systems and policy levels. She explores best practices for designing, implementing, evaluating, and scaling interventions that empower marginalized communities. She also hopes to build her quantitative analysis, public and social sector leadership, and cross-sector collaboration skills.

b maranda

Benoit Maranda

Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Carleton University

Canada | Graduate School of Design, Master of Architecture I AP


Benoit intends to focus his efforts while at the GSD on alternative and emerging models of architecture & place-making in urban environments. His particular interest in architecture lies in finding solutions to the affordability crisis that plagues the majority of cities in the west; where skyrocketing real-estate prices create ultra-affluent microcosms, and relegate the middle classes to suburbs devoid of any urban identity or connectivity to transit. Benoit believes that new architectural forms and models can re-introduce affordability to dense city centres.


Thomas McLaughlin

B.Sc. (Hons) in Biophysics, University of British Columbia
M.D., University of Toronto
Fellowship in Pediatrics, University of Toronto and the Hospital for Sick Children

Canada | Harvard Kennedy School, Master of Public Policy


Tom is a pediatrician from Canada, where he previously worked as Chief Resident at the Hospital for Sick Children, as president of Canada's national resident doctor association, and as an advocate for Canada's medical students to the federal government. He is passionate about improving the health of children through evidence-based health policy, effective medical education, and high-functioning hospitals, and his time at the Harvard Kennedy School will focus on developing expertise in these areas.


Peter Osborne

Bachelors of Commerce, Queen’s University
M.Arch in Landscape and Design, University of Toronto

Canada | Graduate School of Design, Master of Design in Energy & Environment


Peter’s work is situated in the design of digital techniques and technologies and seeks to gain an understanding of how to design for extreme climates within the framework of energy and the environment. His research will help designers and architects better understand material-energy exchanges and expand the design possibilities for passive extreme climate architecture like that of Canada’s north. Prior to studying at Harvard, Peter worked in the design offices of NADAAA in Boston, RDH Architects in Toronto, and Michael Maltzan Architecture in Los Angeles. He holds a BCom from Queen's University and a MArch from the University of Toronto, where he received the John & Myrna Daniels Scholar Award.

Lina Verchery

Lina Verchery

B.A. (Honours) in the Study of Religion, McGill University
M.Div. in Eastern Religions, Harvard Divinity School

Canada | Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Ph.D. under the Committee for the Study of Religion (Religion and Film with a focus on Buddhist philosophy)

Lina studies contemporary Chinese Buddhist monastic life in China and the worldwide Chinese diaspora, with a focus on issues of moral agency, everyday life, and Buddhist conceptions of the possibilities and limitations of the "human". She is also a documentary filmmaker, and has made several documentaries about religion as well as experimental and ethnographic works.


Brandon Woo

B.Sc. (Honours) in Psychology, University of British Columbia

Canada | Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Ph.D. in Psychology


Through Brandon’s research, he aims to learn more about social issues in current events. Specifically, Brandon studies how people cooperate, come to care for others, and form moral evaluations. Brandon’s ultimate goal is to become a professor. In graduate school, he hopes to grow as a scientist so that he’ll be better able to contribute to the study of sociomoral cognition.

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