2018-2019 Knox Fellows

J Park

John Park

MPH, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
M.Th, University of Glasgow
M.B.Ch.B, University of Edinburgh

United Kingdom | Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, PhD in Population Health Sciences

John will pursue a PhD in global health to study how better to serve populations using a health systems approach.


Jake Rashbass

B.A. (Double First Class Honours) in Arabic and Russian, University of Cambridge
M.Sc. in Management, London Business School

United Kingdom | Harvard Kennedy School, Master of Public Policy 


At Harvard, Jake will explore solutions to policy challenges related to responsible international development and ethical foreign aid, with a focus on the Former Soviet Union and the Middle East. He is particularly interested in minority rights and in policy as a tool to institutionalize empathy. He has worked as a journalist in Moscow, Cairo and Istanbul, and in policy analysis at the United Nations in Geneva as well as at NGOs and think tanks in Jerusalem, Rabat, Moscow and London.

H Sheikh

Hasan Sheik

B.Sc. (Hon.) in Developmental Biology, University of Toronto in Developmental Biology
Medical Degree, Queen’s University Faculty of Medicine
Postgraduate Medical Degree in Family Medicine at the University of Toronto, St Michael’s Hospital

Postgraduate Medical Degree in a Special Competence in Emergency Medicine (CCFP-EM) at the University of Ottawa

Canada | Harvard Kennedy School, Master of Public Administration

Hasan is an emergency and addictions physician in Canada, and has previously worked on issues of health equity including access to dental care, refugee health, the opiate crisis, and the impact of precarious work on health. He is pursuing a Master of Public Administration in order to build on his clinical experience and better understand how public policy affects the health of vulnerable populations. He hopes to focus on policy solutions to address the social determinants of health.... Read more about Hasan Sheik

Lina Verchery

Lina Verchery

B.A. (Honours) in the Study of Religion, McGill University
M.Div. in Eastern Religions, Harvard Divinity School

Canada | Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Ph.D. under the Committee for the Study of Religion (Religion and Film with a focus on Buddhist philosophy)

Lina studies contemporary Chinese Buddhist monastic life in China and the worldwide Chinese diaspora, with a focus on issues of moral agency, everyday life, and Buddhist conceptions of the possibilities and limitations of the "human". She is also a documentary filmmaker, and has made several documentaries about religion as well as experimental and ethnographic works.


Brandon Woo

B.Sc. (Honours) in Psychology, University of British Columbia

Canada | Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Ph.D. in Psychology


Through Brandon’s research, he aims to learn more about social issues in current events. Specifically, Brandon studies how people cooperate, come to care for others, and form moral evaluations. Brandon’s ultimate goal is to become a professor. In graduate school, he hopes to grow as a scientist so that he’ll be better able to contribute to the study of sociomoral cognition.

... Read more about Brandon Woo