Up to three Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships will be awarded to students from Canada for graduate study at Harvard University in the 2021-2022 academic year.

  1. Knox Fellowships are open to men and women who:
    1. are citizens of Canada at the time of application and who are normally residing in Canada; AND
    2. have completed or will complete a first or higher degree at a Canadian university; AND
    3. are studying for a first or higher degree and will graduate in the academic year 2020-2021; OR have completed a first or higher degree and graduated no earlier than 2016.
    4. Please note that persons who graduated before 2016 will not be eligible to apply.
  2. No application will be considered from any student already in the United States.
  3. Each Knox Fellowship applicant must also submit an Application for Admission directly to the Harvard graduate or professional school of their choice. Knox Fellowships are awarded only to those candidates that gain admission to Harvard as full-time degree-program students. Applicants are urged to begin correspondence with that school’s Admissions Office at the earliest possible date. Applicants should submit Applications for Admission to the appropriate school as early as possible and need not wait for the deadline. Preference will be given to candidates pursuing full-time degree programs.
  4. Knox Fellowship applicants seeking admission to Harvard Law School should have completed their resident university education and hold a basic degree in Law before applying for an advanced degree program such as the Master of Laws (LLM).
  5. Knox Fellowships are not awarded for undergraduate study or postdoctoral research, nor do they support medical research, post-doctoral research, or any other research appointment. They are not available for part-time programs or Executive Education programs. Normally Frank Knox Fellows must be in residence in the Boston/Cambridge area during the first two years of their degree program. (The fellowship will not support students whose programs require extensive field-work during this period.)


Application Procedures

The application process for the Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship for students from Canada is managed by Universities Canada. Further information, including a short description of the program and the online application, may be found on the Universities Canada website.

For additional information, please contact:

Scholarship Partners Canada
Universities Canada
Ref: Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships at Harvard University
1710-350 Albert Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1R 1B1
Tel. 613-563-1236
Toll free: 844-567-1237
Fax: 613-563-9745

Please note that citizens of Canada who are currently studying in or have graduated from a university in another Knox-eligible country (Australia, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom) may be eligible to submit a Knox Fellowship application. This will be handled on a case-by-case basis and candidates are asked to contact Rebecca Lock at the Committee on General Scholarships at Harvard University to discuss their particular circumstances. Questions about eligibility should be directed to Universities Canada at