About Knox Fellowships

What is a Knox Fellowship

The Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship program provides funding for students from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom to conduct graduate study at Harvard University. Through in-country competitions, Knox Fellowships are typically awarded to 15 newly admitted students each year. Knox Fellowship funding is guaranteed for up to two years of study at Harvard for students in degree programs requiring more than one year of study. There can be as many as 30 Knox Fellows at Harvard in any given year.

In establishing the Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship program, Annie Reid Knox sought to honor her late husband and his lifelong commitment to America. Throughout his rich and varied career – as newspaper publisher, soldier, vice-presidential candidate and Secretary of the Navy during World War II – Knox championed the concept of democracy as a government of the people. He believed that the United States had been "favored as no other land on earth," and consequently bore tremendous responsibilities both at home and abroad.

Knox’ insistence that America play an active role in global affairs stemmed in part from an awareness of his country’s own roots, which lay "embedded in British soil." During World War II, he tirelessly promoted American and British relations, maintaining that cross-cultural exchange between the two countries was vital to international peace.

According to the wishes of Mrs. Knox, Frank Knox Memorial Fellows are selected on the basis of outstanding academic excellence, strength of character, and potential for leadership in their fields.

The Knox Fellowship Program is administered by the Committee on General Scholarships at Harvard University.

What is Included?

A Knox Fellowship pays full Harvard tuition and mandatory health insurance fees and provides a stipend sufficient to cover the living expenses of a single Fellow for a 10-month academic year. Knox Fellows who plan to bring spouses, partners or other family members with them to Harvard must secure additional sources of funding to support their families. Knox Fellowship funding is guaranteed for up to two years of study at Harvard for students in degree programs requiring more than one year of study. The Committee on General Scholarships will consider Knox Fellowship renewals after the second year on a case-by-case basis.

Please note that as a condition of acceptance of a Knox Fellowship, a recipient is required to notify the Committee on General Scholarships about any other scholarships, fellowships or income that he/she expects to receive during the year in which the Knox Fellowship is granted. The Committee on General Scholarships reserves the right to reduce the amount of a Knox Fellowship in cases where the recipient will receive scholarships, fellowships or income from other sources.

It should also be noted that a Knox Fellowship award does not guarantee admission to Harvard. All Knox Fellowship applicants must also apply for admission to the Harvard graduate school of their choice. The awarding of a Knox Fellowship is, therefore, contingent upon the applicant gaining admission to Harvard.